The Last


at Harvard

The Class of 1963 and the 18 Young Men Who Changed Harvard Forever

Meet the 18: Larry Galindo

Larry Galindo
Born: Havana, Cuba, 1940
Prepared at: Cardinal Hayes High School, Bronx, NY

[At] Harvard I really saw for the first time how race played itself out in the United States. Number one, it was mainly a prep school type of society. Even some of the Blacks had gone to prep schools. And, even though they were friendly, there was a distance between us, who were not part of that world.

Larry was born and lived his first nine years in Havana, Cuba. His father was politically and socially well connected to the Batista government. Larry's plan was to get a Harvard education, go back to Cuba and live well. On January 1, 1959 Fidel Castro seized power, and Larry never got back to Cuba. After graduating from Harvard College and the Harvard Business School, Larry became a bank executive and investment manager. He lives with his wife in Atlanta, Georgia.