The Last


at Harvard

The Class of 1963 and the 18 Young Men Who Changed Harvard Forever

Meet the 18: Hobie Armstrong

Hobart Armstrong
Born: Kingston, NY, 1941
Prepared at: Kingston High School, Kingston, NY

They weren't set up for a guy that was as fast as I was. People that would throw the ball to me, I would have to stutter-step and wait until they got in front of me. I had all that speed. They had very little deception in terms of the plays that I was involved in. And, I think this hurt me in terms of the kind of statistics I might have accomplished at Harvard, the college level. In terms of ability, speed, and strength I think I compared with guys who went on to be pro athletes.

Hobie grew up and still lives in Kingston, New York. After Harvard he worked 30 years for IBM, going from programmer to middle management. He has stayed active in sports.